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Michelle Solomon MA CCC-SLP, PC And Associates

Specializing in the Assessment and Treatment of Motor Speech Disorders and


Parent Testimonials

"Thanks so much for all of your help over the past few months. We all can't believe how much progress J has made with your help. And I'm also shocked at how comfortable he is with you - that doesn't happen often for him and is definitely a testament to your personality and warmth.

Thanks again." Parents of a 2 year old boy

"My son Mitchell,who is autistic has been working with Michelle since he was two years old and is now almost sixteen. She not only is an incredible therapist but is creative in her sessions and always makes going to her office fun for him. When he first met her he could not make any sounds. She did a lot of prompt work with him when he was younger because he was very low toned and today he speaks in full sentences and can not wait each week for their hour long sessions. She is the best!!!" Mitchell's Mom

"Not quite sure how to thank you for such a fun, effective and 5-yr-old life changing session today. You have an amazing energy and warm smile that immediately makes kids feel comfortable. S can be stubborn and shy and I was insanely surprised at her willingness to participate. Says a lot about you." Mom of a 5 year old girl

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"Thanks for all the amazing work you've done with T. When I think back at how much progress he's made since he started seeing you it fills me with tears and gratitude ;) I don't know where we would be if we hadn't been referred to you!! Mom of a 6 year old boy

"My son was 2 1/2 when he met Michelle. At that point, he had been in speech therapy for a few months and we were not seeing any progress and we started getting concerned. As soon as we met Michelle, not only did my son instantly connect with her, I knew inside she was going to make a difference in our lives. Literally, 6 months later it was like the flood gates opened. Our son started saying words and now at 3 he is speaking in full sentences. Every week they would master something new. His teachers couldn’t believe the progress. It brought tears to my husband and I, finally we were able to communicate with our son. It was so hard, we knew he could understand us but Michelle gave him the tools to communicate. Words can't express how grateful we are to have Michelle in our lives. Our son (as do I ) looks forward to seeing Michelle every week. She is always working and pushing him to be the best he can be. Michelle relates so well with children, she has such compassion and is so patient. Every child I see who walks into her room is so excited to be there. In my eyes, there is no one better. I've told my pediatrician he can't recommend anyone else."

Mom of 3 year old boy